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The Solar Dimension Solution – High Pressure Evacuated Tube System

At Solar Dimension, we have designed our own system to suit the South African market in terms of performance, cost and aesthetics.
Our system consists of the most advanced Evacuated Tubes currently available: 2mm thick Borosilica glass ensures high resistance to hail damage and the tri-target selective coating ensures that the tubes absorb the maximum in solar radiation.
Our manifold is highly insulated, resulting in 8-10% lower heat losses than comparative systems

Every Solar Dimension system is installed with an intelligent solar controller. This controller ensures that the system performs at its optimum at all times and the there is always hot water available independent of the current weather conditions. It will utilise the geysers electrical element as a backup source of energy. You will never be without hot water.

You do not have to change your plumbing!
Our solution can either be installed as a new installation or retro-fitted to your existing geyser. Our retro-fit solution will work with most high-pressure geysers. There is no need to replace your existing geyser..

Custom Solutions

One of our specialities at Solar Dimension is our ability to design custom solutions for residential, commercial and industrial installations. By ensuring that we understand your exact hot water requirement, we are able to produce the most cost effective and most efficient solar solution for your hot water needs. By utilising advanced design techniques, we are able to predict the efficiency of the design and give you peace of mind that your investment is well looked after.
For large hot-water consumers, we will be able to obtain subsidies to make the system even more financially viable and ensure that the payback period is as short as possbile.